Virtual Meet Simulator

How to Use USA Swimming Meet Simulator

Using USA Swimming's Meet Simulator tool, coaches, athletes, and parents will be able to simulate a meet between any USA Swimming club across the country. As long as the meet has been loaded into the USA Swimming SWIMS database, it will show up in the Simulator.


The simulator will include all Sanctioned and Non-sanctioned meets.

  1. The first step is to select a date range from which clubs and meets will populate.

  2. Then select the LSC(s) from which you want to compare clubs. You may select multiple. 

  3. Next, specify Age Groups, Genders, and Events, or leave them blank to default to all Age Groups, Genders, and Events.

  4. Specify if you want to return "Detailed Results" or just the "Meet Summary Score". Detailed results will show event by event results while "Meet Summary Score" will show the final virtual meet score. Select which output you desire.

  5. Next, select the specific clubs you want to compare. You may select multiple.

  6. Scroll up and select "Show Meets for Selected Clubs". Select multiple meets to compare times from.

  7. Scroll up and and select "Show Results for Selected Meet." Then you results will show!
Helpful Tips
  • If the user selects multiple meets and multiple teams, the simulator will take the best time from each athletes across the meets selected.

  • Meets are scored for the top 8 in each age group and event using the following points system: (1st: 9 points, 2nd: 7 points, 3rd: 6 points, 4th: 5 points, 5th: 4 points, 6th: 3 points, 7th: 2 points, 8th: 1 point).

  • Relay events will receive double points. The end user will have the ability to print the results to a pdf file.

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